We finally did it! Mightier Than The Sword has launched its Indiegogo campaign. Off the top, there are some key people to thank, including Mari Kane of Blogsite Studio, who has helped at every step of the way. Jonas Quastel, who is editing the documentary and who created the short Indiegogo video, also deserves a big thank you.

While the documentary is well into post-production, the campaign is being launched to cover basic but key costs: the $50,000 will be used to cover editing fees, colour correction, sound editing, titles, opticals, visual effects, translations and subtitles (Dari to English), voice over, music licensing, fees to a local Afghan composer who is scoring original music, in addition to legal fees.

Check out the perks of contributing on the Indiegogo site. They include acknowledgement in the credits, digital copies of the documentary, high resolution photos from Afghanistan, a tutoring session and digital lecture for travel magazine writers only, or a “fine art” print of a spectacular Afghanistan landscape.

Donors can also receive free tickets to a screening. So far, showings are tentatively planned for (in addition to Vancouver, my home town), the BC West Coast, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and London, UK. I’m planning to follow each screening with a Q&A afterwards.

Thanks so much!

Roberta Staley